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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What's the name of the song in <insert name>?
A: By now there's a tracklist for every (homemade) movie and game on MINDistortion, so i guess this question should be obsolete.
Q: Can you send me the song you used in <insert name>?
A: No. Buy the CD or download it somewhere else.


Q: What software do you use?
A: Macromedia Flash 5, Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Adobe Photoshop 7, CoolEdit 2000, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Notepad Adobe Flash & Photoshop CS3, CoolEdit 2000, FlashDevelop, Eclipse, Notepad.
Q: Where can I get Flash?
Q: I'm new to Flash, is there any literature or website you can recommend?
Q: Ok, so i just got Flash, and there's something i want to do but I don't know how to do it. Can you help me out?
A: 1. Search the net and the sites mentioned above.
2. Post at the MINDistortion flash forum
3. Please don't waste your time mailing me your flash problem.
Q: Can you give me the original fla or the source code of <insert name>?
A: Sorry, I'm not giving away any of my fla's or source codes


Q: How the hell do you get these weird ideas?
A: Are you sure you want to know that?
Q: I'm a hobby writer, i got some stories that would make cool flashmovies, wanna team up?
A: Actually... not. Got plenty ideas myself, thanks anyways.
Q: Can I place a link to MINDistortion ony my website?
A: Yes please! :D


Q: The navigation / a game / a movie doesn't load! What to do now?
A: Clear your temporary internet files, delete the cookies and then reload the page - sometimes it helps if you close all browser windows before reloading the page. If you still got problems loading the page the server might be dragged down and overloaded. In this case there wont be another choice than coming back later, sorry.
Q: The Comicgen is broken I can't load any comics! =(
A: 90% of the time i get this message the ComicGen is working again as soon as I check it. At least for me. I guess that most of the time when this happens it's because the server is busy at the moment. Wait a while, get some fresh air, grab a drink, and check back again. If it still doesn't work, drop me a note:


Q: How does the soul stealing thing work?
A: By getting other people to click the link you get after signing up. To get people to click your link you can e.g. send it to your friends, put it on your Website/MySpace/Blog, put it into your forum signature, etc.... but don't spam please!
Q: How do I check how many souls I got?
A: sorry, the only way you can do this is by clicking your own link.
Q: I lost the link you gave me, how can I recover it?
A: Your link is
Q: Does this thing actually steal your soul?
A: Yes. Yes it does. But actually... not. I still wonder why some people actually believe that an internet prank can steal your soul.
Q: I want my soul back :(
A: ...see above.
Got some unanswered questions? Leave a note at the forums or contact me