Contest Entries 2007

On the 3rd August 2007 MINDistortion turned 5, so it was to time to celebrate its birthday with a little art contest. Winners were determined by members of the MINDistortion community.


All in all 26 entries were submitted, with 5 winners taking home a MINDistortion t-shirt, original artwork and stickers (and an additional $150 for the first place).

  • MindScape Converged

    MindScape Converged

    "Based on MindScape."

    by test-object
  • Beauty Dying

    Beauty Dying

    "Stitches on a swing and a dying rose."

    by Saskia
  • Menace


    "Best wishes for the 5th birthday of MINDistortion!"

    by Barbarella Strunz
  • No Escape

    No Escape

    "Spider baby locked up in a cage."

    by Saskia
  • The MD Community

    The MD Community

    "MINDistortion behind the scenes."

    by Steffen Burzlaff aka. StuGa
  • What the...

    What the...

    "Hand drawn and colored in boredom. Uses the sweet face logo and slogan. Enjoy."

    by Enigma
  • Krieg


    "Tribute to war movie - done with Photoshop CS2."

    by SunAgain
  • Corporate Dummies

    Corporate Dummies

    "Mini tribute to Corporate Dummy..."

    by TomAzza
  • Exit 3D

    Exit 3D

    "A tribute to EXIT. Created in 3dsmax."

    by Arik Beremzon aka Akula
  • Dependency


    "The puppet from dependency."

    by Slippery-Nipple
  • And thus the war raged on!

    And thus the war raged on!

    "And it goes on and on and on..."

    by Akula
  • The Frightening Face

    The Frightening Face

    "Some artwork revolving around the MINDistortion logo."

    by MorrowDays
  • Zombie Squirrel Attack II Teaser

    Zombie Squirrel Attack II Teaser

    "Teaser for Zombie Squirrel Attack II."

    by Ilya Miller
  • MiNdIsToRtIoN tHiNg

    MiNdIsToRtIoN tHiNg

    "I hate people who type like that."

    by giascle
  • KKM4


    "Poster for the (never to come out) KKM4 movie."

    by Ilya Miller
  • MINDistortion Wallpaper

    MINDistortion Wallpaper

    "A wallpaper."

    by Cohyn
  • War MINDistortion

    War MINDistortion

    "I've always enjoyed your movies, Happy 5th!"

    by Temariix
  • The Plan

    The Plan

    "The one true story behind MINDistortion."

    by Burned
  • War?


    "Based off of my favorite toon, War. I hope you get the humor in it."

    by ExtraTim
  • Pollution


    "Based off of the Pollution movie. I hand drew the character from memory and hand designed the title, then colored both with Prismacolor markers. It was put together and texturized in Photoshop."

    by Christina Watkins
  • Insanity's Embrace

    Insanity's Embrace

    "the interface character and the delusion bunny in my world. I don't know why, but I feel kinda sad when I look at them. Odd. :P"

    by Valæntyne


After postponing the Contest Voting due to the many problems with the MINDistortion Website I was happy to finally announce the Winners of the MINDistortion Anniversary Contest, as voted by the MINDistortion community! Unfortunately the birthday child itself was offline that day. Yet here we are!

  • 1st: God's away on business

    1st: God's away on business

    "Celebrating 5 years of subliminal brainwashing!"

    by Drew Matson
  • Ah... Yes... the good old brainwashing theme. Where would MINDistortion be without it? Great use of MINDistortion footage and a lovely main character by the contestant himself. Also, it was about time that someone made a Flash featuring a Tom Waits song! Congratulations Drew... you got the most votes! :)
  • 2nd: Good Times

    2nd: Good Times

    "Try to find all your favorite characters and stuff! The ultimate test for the MINDistortion fanboy within. Pencils+Photoshop"

    by Stav (croovman)
  • Stav's entry followed up pretty close. This drawing definately gets the award for "Most MINDistortion references in a single picture" And it's a great piece of art as well. Nihil fighting with the soldier from System Interrupted while the guys from KKM have a shootout on a train and the MindScape kid runs havoc on the pink bunnies. Beautiful.
  • 3rd: System Interrupted

    3rd: System Interrupted

    "That's what I remember the most from you. This was THE SHIT back in the day, I think it might have been the number 1 movie in the portal at some point ( though briefly). Can't recall. Anyways, here it be 2:)"

    by Poxpower
  • Poxpower's System Interrupted tribute oozes talent as well. Imagine how the original movie would have looked with graphics like that... damn, I wish I could draw like that. Alright, moving on...
  • 4th: MindFreak

    4th: MindFreak

    "On your mind."

    by Arik Beremzon aka Akula
  • Arik Beremzon (Akula) submitted not one, but actually three entries! All very well done - This one, however, was liked the most by the MINDistortion community. Hooray for Photoshop skills! :)
  • 5th: 5 Years MD

    5th: 5 Years MD

    "HeRetiK and a bunch of his creations."

    by Steffen Burzlaff aka Stuga
  • This nice photo manipulation was submitted by Steffen Burzlaff (Stuga) and voted 5th place. It's a pretty accurate picture of my everyday life. Well, except for Simon, the huge fella behind the leaves. He's much smaller in real life.

Huzzah! Once again, thanks to everyone who participated and made this a great contest full of warm fuzziness. Seriously. Thanks. My greatest nightmare would have been to end up with like 3-4 entries. Anyways. Onward to another 5 years 10 years of MINDistortion! YARRRRRRRR!!!11 :D