Higher Order

As I continue to work through the backlog of music I made in late 2020, here's another animated short:

A child, on the journey of its lifetime – Higher Order

(Music also on Spotify and SoundCloud)


A quick sinusoidal intermission of a tune: Sines

There's something else in the works as well, but it's going to take me a few more weeks to wrap up so stay tuned! :)

of the void

The last few months gave me the opportunity for introversion and trying my hand at making music. So here's my very first video featuring music of my own:

of the void – On the sweet nothing that is our home.

Don't worry, I'm not singing.

(music also available on Spotify and other platforms)

The Death of Flash

So this is it, by the end of this year the Flash plugin will officially have drawn its last breath.
The good news is though that I have finally taken it upon myself to convert all of my remaining old movies to mp4 and webm video. This means they are once again easily available and will remain so for the foreseeable future. All the good, bad and ugly of almost 20 years of animation. Well, 10 years, if you subtract my years of inactivity.
As far as the games are concerned... I'm not quite sure yet how to keep those accessible but I'll have a look at some of the few available options.
See you around!

8bit Love Story

It's a short movie! It's a game! It's both!
8bit Love Story